Living narratives


Living Narratives

Lectures, researches, work-in-progress practices, narrations

4 th Biennial Conference on Narrative Guidance

6/7 September 2013
organized by the associations Pratika and L’Altra Città
with the help of (to be determined)
and with the support of (to be determined)

Now at its fourth edition, the Biennial Conference “Living Narratives” is the first Italian both scientific and popular project entirely dedicated to the relationship between science and narrative guidance. Experts from different disciplines and practitioners of training, education and counseling meet to take stock of the recent theoretical developments and applications of the narrative method.
The program is divided into two days and deals with the theme of the relationship between identity and narration, addressed through four different kind of intervention:

Experts from different disciplines are invited by the Scientific Committee to give a lecture on the relationship between identity and narrative observed from the point of view of one or more disciplines. We might distinguish between the lectio magistralis (lasting 45 minutes) and lightning talk sessions of 5-10 minutes.
The lectures will be recorded and broadcasted via web in audio video. (HYPOTHESIS: besides the members of the committee, David Sparti has shown interest in it).

Researchers and teachers present researches selected among anonymous experts. These researches are presented to the public in a poster session and in lightning talk sessions of 5-10 minutes .

In the work in progress practices workshop all genres and narrative tools will be crossed together in order to experience the construction of appropriate practical skills guidance. The workshops  – as the poster session – will take place during two days to allow for public participation at most of the workshops.

Each day  one or more types of narratives will be worked on: reading out loud sessions, oral storytelling, songs etc..

At the Conference the participants will be given a notebook with all the abstracts, the results of researches and other work materials.

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