Quali passi ancora per la scuola dell’apprendimento?


The Italian school has been in crisis for some time. The reforms put into practice do not seem able to solve the main problems (dispersion, effectiveness in terms of learning, perceived significance, differences). The disciplinary and recurrence settings of infinite modes have already been shown not to be able to produce results in this area (Trinchero, 2013; Batini, ed., 2015), on the contrary they actively contribute to the production of indexed issues. The paper examines the motivations and processes that contribute to keep alive – despite plural regulations productions – the primacy of the subject content within the education system and suggests some steps that could be taken in the direction of the school of learning. That is a school whose objective is the centrality of the students and the learning process.


School Dropout; Learning; Teaching to Learning Objectives; Skills (Competencies); Crisis Systems Education

Pubblicato in Encyclopaideia Vol 19, No 42 (2015)

Free full text (clicca qui per scaricare l’articolo completo): 5536-15868-4-PB

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